Calibre™ Concrete Systems

Calibre™ Concrete is a system designed to manage the day to day operations of your concrete company.

The Calibre™ Concrete system uses a web browser to present secure and easy to use web pages. Using the latest software development tools, the system provides a modern interface with the flexibility to grow and adapt with your business.

Optimum Plant Efficency

Calibre™ Concrete ensures that your company is working at its optimum through improving your plant, truck and resource utilisation. Calibre™ Concrete also enables you to plan your day and spot bottlenecks, for better time and resource management

Integrated Management Tools

Calibre™ Concrete centralises control of your operations and allows for streamlined order administration and dispatch tasks.

Calibre™ Concrete gives you the ability to create and archive individual customer projects, associated pricing and information. A secure storage facility provides a respoitory for classified customer documents

Extensive managmement reportsw are viewed on screen and can easily be exported to Spreadsheet or PDF files.

Taliored to your needs

Calibre™ Concrete is completely flexible in configuration so it can be tailored to manage a single plant through to numerous plants, which can all be controlled from a central or remote point.

The system is not limited to only ready mix concrete goods. It can also be used as a point-of-sale system for the processing of non ready mix products

Interfaces with Existing Systems

Calibre™ Concrete has the ability to interface with your existing systems including batching systems, invoicing systems, customer database and GPS truck tracking systems.